Privacy Policy : undertakes to protect and respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

This privacy policy explains how your data is collected, used, transferred and disclosed. It applies to data collected when using our website, when you interact with us via social media, e-mail or telephone, or when you participate in our competitions or events.



This includes:

1. Our commitment to you

2. How we protect your data

3. Personal data that we collect

4. How we collect your data

5. How we use your data

6. About cookies

7. How we share your data

8. Your rights concerning your personal data

9. Changes to this privacy policy


1. Our commitment to you.

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and process your personal data in a loyal, lawful and transparent manner.

We will collect and use your personal data only for the following purposes:

1.1 Finalization of your order

1.2 Give you a better shopping experience

1.3 Improve our services

1.4 Respect for our legal responsibilities


2. How we protect your data

We implement appropriate security measures and organizational security measures to protect your data from accidental loss, use or unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure. Communication between your browser and our website uses a secure encrypted connection, wherever your personal data can be involved. We quote your data and storage on secure servers hidden behind spars. We ask any third party under contract to process your personal data on our behalf in order to implement security measures to protect your data and process this data in accordance with the law. In the unfortunate case of a violation of personal data, we will inform you, as well as any applicable control authority, when the law requires it.

3. Personal data that we collect

By visiting our website, by completing the registration, ordering and notifications, we collect and store information for lawful purposes, including, but without limiting ourselves:

e-mail address

3.1, including through email addresses provided by associated approved third parties.

3.2 Delivery and billing address, including name, address, telephone number.

3.3 Verification of specific customs payments and information.

3.4 Technical data including the IP address, date and time, browser and operating system, requested URL, etc. We also protect all the personal information collected offline, such as telephone calls.

If we contact you by phone regarding an order or payment, we will only ask you for the personal information we need to place an order or resolve a problem. When we need to store information on an order, we enter it into our database using SSL encryption. Although our site is designed for a general audience, we do not knowingly collect data from children, and we also do not market products from children who are not authorized to use or submit data on the site.

4. How we collect your data

We can collect your personal data in the following ways: Interactive

4.1 directly - you can provide us with your identity, contact, financial, transactional, profile and marketing and communication data by filling out forms, entering online information or corresponding with us by mail, telephone, e -Mail, telephone or other. This includes the personal data you provide, for example when you:

4.1.1 Create an account or buy products on our website;

4.1.2 To subscribe to our newsletter, forums, social media sites or create wishes lists;

4.1.3 completion of a voluntary market study;

4.1.4 Contact us for any request for information or reporting of problems (by phone, e-mail, social networks or messaging services);

4.1.5 When you connect to our website via social media.


4.2 Indirect interactions - We can automatically collect technical data using cookies, server newspapers and other similar technologies when you interact with our website. See about cookies for more information.

4.3 third parties - We may receive personal data concerning you from various third parties, in particular:

4.3.1 involve third parties, including

analysis suppliers such as Google; network of members.

4.3.2 The way you visit our website;

social media platform

4.3.3 When you create a link to our website using these social media platforms;

5. How we use your data

We will only collect and process your personal data if there is a legal basis to do so. As a controller, our legal basis for the collection and use of your personal data varies according to the way in which we collect it and for what purpose.

5.1 We have your consent, or

5.2 We need your personal data to execute a contract with you. For example, to process your payment, execute your order or provide customer assistance in relation to your order, or

5.3 The treatment is in our legitimate interest and is not supplanted by your rights, or

5.4 We have the legal obligation to collect or disclose your personal data. Ebuy-Easy uses your personal data to support a range of different activities. The table below presents them, as well as the types of data used and the legal bases on which we rely to treat them, including, if necessary, our legitimate interests. Please note that we may use more than one legal basis to process your personal data, depending on the specific activity involved. If you want more information on the specific legal bases on which we process your personal data (there are several bases listed in the table below), please contact us.

  5.5 Create an account and save yourself as a new customer (directly or via social networks).

  5.6 To process and deliver your order, including: Save the details of your order; keep you informed of the state of your order; Treat payments and reimbursements and collect the sums due to us; Help prevention and detecting fraud.

5.7 To manage our relationship with you, including: provide you with the information, products and services you have asked for; Inform you of the modifications made to our services, general conditions or privacy policy; Solicit your comments or votes.

5.8 To allow you to participate in competitions, events, surveys or to receive rewards for your purchases from us.

5.9 To administer, protect and improve our company and website/Applications, including: troubleshooting, data analysis, tests, system maintenance, assistance, data analysis, reports creation and data accommodation; Defining the default options for you, such as language and currency.

5.10 send you relevant website content, online advertisements and information; and measure the efficiency of the advertisements provided.


5.11 Use data analysis to: improve our website, our products, our services, our marketing, our customer relationships and our experience; and for market studies, statistics and surveys.

5.12 Recommend products, discounts on services, promotions, incentives and offers likely to interest you, in particular by sending you this information by e-mail, mail or SMS, by subscribing to our newsletter, by responding to Surveys or by accessing the news and updates of the website.

5.13 Notify you or remind you by e-mail any transaction made via our website which is still in progress, such as incomplete orders or abandoned baskets. We will only use your personal data for the purpose for which we have collected it, unless we consider it reasonably that we must use it for another reason and that this reason is in accordance with the initial purpose. If we want to use your personal data for unrelated purposes, we will inform you and explain the legal basis that allows us to do so. When the law requires or authorizes it, we may process personal data without your consent in accordance with the above rules. We will not keep your personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which it has been provided and to comply with our legal obligations.

6. About cookies

  We use "cookies" to store certain information about you and to follow your visits to the website, whether via a computer or a mobile device. It is not uncommon for websites to use cookies to improve the identity of their visitors. A "cookie" is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive on your computer or mobile device. If you do not

Disable or do not delete cookies, our web server will be informed of your visit to this website each time you visit this website using the same browser or mobile device. We can then find out more about your visits and your habits of use. A cookie will allow us to memorize your information so that you do not have to enter it every time you use the site. In addition, we use cookies to manage the security of our website, to collect information on the use of users; to study the habits of visitors and carry out advertising campaigns based on interest centers; To help our partners follow user visits to the site and process orders; To follow progress and participate in promotions. For additional purposes above, you can determine if and how to accept cookies by configuring the browser privacy settings you use to access the site or the privacy settings of your mobile device. If you adjust your confidentiality settings in your browser, your mobile device will continue to collect data unless you modify the confidentiality settings of your device, and vice versa. Some website features are based on cookies. Note that if you choose to block cookies, you may not be able to connect or use these features, and the preferences based on cookies can be lost. We use a range of analytical and targeted advertising tools to display the relevant content of the website on our website and to display online advertisements on other websites and applications (as described above) in order to provide you related information. Availability of announcements broadcast. For example, we use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze advertising data based on Google's interests and/or third party audience data (such as age, civil status, events, sex and the interests). Website strategy and content.

We can also use tools provided by other third parties, such as Facebook. Our website may contain links to websites or social media platforms from our network of partners, advertisers and affiliates. If you follow a link to one of these sites, know that these sites have their own privacy policies, of which we are not responsible. Please check these rules before submitting personal data on their website.

7. How we share your data.

We undertake not to sell, rent, exchange, concede under license or otherwise to disclose or share your personal or financial information with anyone, except in the following specific circumstances: third party service provider

7.1: Like most online merchants, we sometimes use third -party service providers to perform certain functions on our behalf. Any information that is disclosed to them is intended only to help them provide their services. For example, we provide partners such as DHL your name, your delivery address and your telephone number to provide delivery of your order. We may also use relevant customer information to monitor the quality of the services provided by third parties.

7.2 Legal obligation to disclose information: we may be required to disclose information if a law manager requests it, citing, meaning an order of a court or conducting an investigation, or if we are kept by the law to disclose this information.


We also disclose personal information if necessary to protect our legal rights or enforce our service conditions and other agreements. For example, we may share information to reduce the risk of fraud or to prevent fraud by users trying to commit fraud or any other illegal activity on our site.

7.3 mergers and/or asset sales: as a rule, we do not sell, do not exchange or praise personal information from other companies within the framework of our activities. However, we can acquire, merge with or be acquired by another company, or we can yield all or part of our assets, in which case your personal information may be disclosed to another company subject to the Privacy Policy.

7.4 Information not personally identifiable: we can share with third parties (for example, advertising partners.

8. Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

You have a number of Rights under data privacy legislation. In some boxes, this included the right to:

8.1 Request for access to your personal data

8.2 Request Correction of Your Personal Data

8.3 Request to Delete Your Personal Data

8.4 Request the Limitation of the Processing of Your Personal Data

8.5 Request to Transfer Your Personal Data

8.6 Opposition to the Processing of Your Personal Data

Objects for Automated Decision Making 8.7

These Terms of Service Shall Be Governed by and Construd in Accord with the Laws of Lithuania if you wish to exercise of these of these Rights, or have any questions, comments, or would like Further Information, please email Customer

9 changes to this privacy policy

  We may change this privacy policy from time to time. If there are significant change, we will post an update on our website, app or notify you via email.