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Rooring terms and conditions - These terms and conditions represent the final and complete agreement between the buyer and the seller unless he is written and duly confirmed by an agent or another authorized person from our company. Upon receipt of the buyer's order form, the shipping request or a similar form containing printed terms and conditions which are added or are in conflict with the terms of this contract, our shipping of goods will not change No modification of these conditions.

If a provision is declared invalid by a competent court, this declaration or reserve will not affect the validity of any other provision contained herein.

Acceptance of orders - All orders are subject to the written verification of prices by the authorized staff of our company, unless the written designation is valid within a determined period. The delivery of goods without verification of the price in writing is not worth acceptance of the price contained in the order.

Payment conditions - The discount applies only to the billed value of materials (not applicable to taxes or shipping). If the buyer's financial situation is determined by our company, our company reserves the right to require early payment or a satisfactory guarantee for goods. If the buyer does not pay in accordance with the terms of this contract or any accessory agreement or does not comply with any provision of this contract, we may, in our choice (among other appeals), cancel any unpaid part of this order . The buyer is responsible for payment.

Price- The prices indicated (including freight) are valid for 10 days, unless they are specified as a fixed price for a specific period in accordance with a written quote or a written acceptance of sale issued or verified by our agent or other authorized person. The prices designated for a fixed period can be dismissed by us if the revocation is made in writing and sent to the buyer before we receive the written acceptance of the price. All prices and deliveries are Fob Shipping point. If the sale price is lower than the price stipulated by the government, our company reserves the right to cancel the order.

Shipping - Unless otherwise indicated, the carrier and the route will be determined by our company. In both cases, our company will not be responsible for the delay in selection.

Packaging - Unless otherwise indicated, we will only comply with packaging standards for the selected shipping method.

Import/export taxes - prices do not include taxes for countries outside the EU. The buyer must pay the tax on the invoice issued by our company, unless the buyer provides a valid and acceptable tax exemption certificate for the tax administration, or unless the law prohibits us from receiving these taxes with the buyer. Import or export licenses must be guaranteed by the buyer. On Europe, products located in Europe are not subject to customs duties.

Title and risk of loss - Delivery to the carrier constitutes delivery to the buyer, after which the risk of loss or damage is transferred to the buyer. Any complaint from the buyer for damage during transport or delivery must be made directly to the carrier. Any complaint from the buyer against us for such shortcomings or damage before delivery to the carrier must be made within fifteen (15) days following the reception of the goods accompanying the company's goods. Under the terms of the complaint. Notwithstanding the transfer of the risk of loss to the buyer, the title and the possession of the goods sold under these remains acquired, until and including all payments under these, including dissuasive payments, interest , financial costs and lawyer fees, all in cash, the buyer undertakes to take all the measures necessary to perfect and maintain the rights and securities of our company.

Product returns - Once an item has been accepted by our company, it cannot be returned and the order cannot be canceled without having previously contacted the customer service of our company. Personalized cuts and special commands can only be returned if it has been determined that they wereUrnies by mistake by our company. Customer feedback is responsible for shipping costs.


Force majeure - The company will not be responsible for the non -performance of its obligations directly or indirectly caused or favored by an accident; acts of buyers, civil or military authorities, including control of wages and prices; a fire ; a war ; riots ; transport delays; Lack or inability to obtain raw materials (including energy sources), components, labor, fuel or supplies; or other circumstances independent of the will of society, whether or not they are similar to the above. If certain quantities are affected and others not, the affected quantities will be eliminated without responsibility, but the agreement will remain the same. The company can, during the periods of shortage due to one of the above reasons, distribute its supply in these raw materials between its various users in any case that the company deems fair and reasonable. In no case can our company be held liable for special or consecutive damage resulting from a delay for any reason.

Responsibility - Our company declines any responsibility, duty or responsibility for any injury or damage resulting from the application or the use of its products alone or in conjunction with other products following the acceptance of this order. Our company is not responsible for any weight or quantity errors, unless the buyer submitted a complaint within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the goods and attached the original of the signed shipping bill By the carrier to prove that the carrier has received our goods well. Company under the complaint. If the buyer makes a timely complaint and we judge the complaint valid, we will release the buyer by sending the quantity necessary to remedy the defect or, to our choice, by crediting the price invoiced to the buyer.

  GUARANTEE - Our company guarantees buyers that all items sold are free from material and manufacturing defects and are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. Previous guarantees are not transferable, in place and exclusive of any other guarantee not expressly stipulated in these, whether by law or otherwise, express or implicit, including, but without limiting itself, any guarantee implicit of merchant quality or aptitude for employment. The buyer will be deemed to have renounced any complaint for lack of equipment or manufacturing unless it is reported in writing within (15) days of receipt of the goods. For any loss or damage caused by poor application or use of the product, our company will not be responsible for the above warranty. Our company is not responsible for the conceptions of the goods and does not give any guarantee concerning these conceptions. This warranty replaces and excludes all other guarantees, whether express, implicit or statutory, including implicit guarantees of market quality or adequacy to a particular use. No confidence is placed in the competence or judgment of our company in the selection or design of goods or appropriate materials. The buyer declares that the use and installation of goods must comply with all applicable government requirements.


The buyer must defend, compensate and exempt our company, its successors successors and its affiliated companies of and against all costs (including lawyer fees) arising from any real or alleged complaint or penalty, damages and responsibilities offered or damage evaluated.


Partial reimbursements - We also offer partial reimbursements for items returned to which certain original parts are missing. In this case, the customer can only obtain partial refund.