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    Proscenic X1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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    BRAND: Proscenic
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    Vibrating Mop & 3000Pa Strong Suction
    Deep clean your floor with 3000Pa strong suction and a high-frequency vibrating mopping system. The pressured mopping pad vibrates 3000 times per minute to scrub away stubborn stains effectively. Three water levels allow you to adjust the mop dampness for different cleaning purposes.

    30 Days Hands-Free Self-Empty Base
    A fully sealed 2.5 L dustbag automatically collects dirt and debris from the vacuum saving you from emptying the dustbin for 30 days. The well-designed disposal port works with a high suction collector to mitigate clogging. A UV light in the cabinet effectively sterilizes bacteria and reduces the transmission of pathogens.

    PathPro™ Laser-Assisted Navigation
    The laser-assisted route planning navigation optimizes the cleaning route for maximum coverage. It creates an interactive map of your home for setting up no-go and no-mop zones. It recharges and resumes from where it left off. You can also select a room or area to clean on demand.

    Carpet Recognition
    The ultrasonic carpet detector boosts suction power automatically for a deeper carpet cleaning when in the vacuum mode, but steers the Floobot away when a mopping pad is attached.

    More Intelligent Sensors
    In addition to the integrated laser sensor and multiple floor tracking sensors for smart PathPro™ navigation, the anti-collision sensors detect objects and avoid bumping them, while cliff sensors keep the vacuum away from stairs and prevent falling.

    APP Control & Easy to Use
    The multi-story function allows you to save up to 5 maps for efficient navigation in multi-story houses without remapping. You can customize cleaning by room and area while you're away and keep track of when the Proscenic X1 cleans and how much area it covers. Besides, there is a remote control to operate the X1. It's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

    General Brand: Proscenic
    Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Model: X1
    Color: Black
    Specification Suction Power: 3000Pa
    Suction Level: 3
    Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
    Run Time: ≤165mins
    Charging Time: ≤4h
    Noise: 63-73dB
    Barrier-cross Height: ≤15mm (with mop cloth ≤12mm)
    Side Brushed: 1
    Dustbag Capacity: 2.5L
    Dust Tank Capacity: 240ml dust bin & 250ml water tank
    Weight & Size Product Weight: 7.5kg
    Package Weight: 10.7kg
    Product Size(L x W x H): 335*335*74mm
    Package Size(L x W x H): 418*398*348mm
    Package Contents 1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner (with 2-in-1 vibrative tank)
    1 x Auto-empty Base
    1 x Power Cable
    1 x Remote Control
    1 x Battery
    2 x HEPA
    2 x Side Brush
    1 x Cleaning Brush
    2 x Mop Cloth
    1 x Mop Cloth Pad
    2 x Dust Bag
    1 x User Manual

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    Proscenic X1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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    Proscenic X1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner